Giving Back | LocalMMASchools.comOn the surface, is a unique project, in that any and all profits we receive for any and all of our offers and services now and for any time in the foreseeable future go to a project in an entirely different industry to help with a catastrophic problem in our society – diabetes – via the “Crushing Diabetes” project.

After we pay our basic bills, everything else goes to this project.  At this time, no one here draws a salary for working here.  Anyone who contacts you on behalf of this website is a volunteer.  Through this project, we can and we will make a significant impact on this dreaded disease.  How can we be so confident?  Read on.

Our assessment of what’s happening with this dreaded disease is that either people really don’t have a clue about how far diabetes has permeated itself into our society, or that people just don’t really care (probably because they don’t feel they can do anything about it anyway).  Through your support of this website by availing of any of the services we provide, we have a dramatic effect on both issues.

What Is The Crushing Diabetes Project?

In short, a man who is literally dying from diabetes as it eats his body up from the inside out is putting his life on the line to prove that diabetes can be beaten naturally, totally reversed to the point of non-existence, and without the use of drugs such as the traditional treatment of injections of the fat-producing hormone insulin.

Crushing Diabetes | Blue Circle | Local MMA Schools

The Blue Circle” The Official Symbol For Diabetes

As a direct result of complications from diabetes, his mother died just a few years ago.  A couple of years ago, he started experiencing the same symptoms as his mother did.  His body and mind have already deteriorated to a level that doctors don’t look favorably upon his chances.

In spite of these facts, and most certainly against traditional medical advice, this man intends to fight his way back to ideal health in a way that proves that a) medical intervention is not necessary to beat diabetes, and b) that in the fact majority of cases, the condition of diabetes can be avoided all together.

So, our contribution to the Crushing Diabetes project is to fund this man’s ability to document his all-natural fight with diabetes in a way that he hopes others might be able to duplicate in their own lives.  His statement about the project really says at all:

“Either I will document total success in this fight, or I’ll die trying, and a friend will write the final post on the site.”

That’s his position.  Either he will prove beyond any person’s reasonable doubt that diabetes can be beaten naturally, or he will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it can’t.  Either way, with your help and support by availing of the services offered on this site, you will help make it happen.

How You Can Help Us

Simple.  List your local MMA school on our site.  If you’re an MMA student, or an aspiring MMA student, encourage your own local MMA school wherever you are in the world to do so.

The most expensive listing on this site costs $27 per month.  That’s it.  For that, a local MMA school could literally have its own “mine-site” right here on  With enough local MMA schools listing themselves on this site, we can truly make a difference in this world as we work together to “beat diabetes back into the night!”